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Autumn Journal 22

New Paintings from Oct 20. We will be putting up paintings framed in the exclusive lines of frames from Millrace Gallery made and finished here. At the weekend as full catalogue can be found in the Pdf and back catalogues section off the website .


Hello, and I hope you are managing through this current situation. I am preparing for an exhibition of new paintings , with a catalogue. (this will be a limited edition signed booklet limited to 150 copies If you would like to book yours in advance just e mail us. The…

current situation

During this disruption we would like to make your visits easier and worthwhile Over the next days we will update the website and include good prices To save you a journey, transactions can be done on line and goods delivered at a fraction of costs. contact any time with enquiries…


TO CELEBRATE THIS MILESTONE, MAKE SURE YOU CHECK OUT THE INCREDIBLE DEALS ON 1985 prices. over the course of the year there will be paintings and prints at v good prices. see new pdf next week from 22 Feb. (pdf 1985-2020.)

New Paintings pdf

from early July for exclusive preview before publication e mail

New at Millrace Gallery, May 2019

The Wall, an interactive open project,where a wall of participating gallery devotes space to show the effects/condition of media,including what is called social media. submit work or enquire on line initially to


 21 May  HOUSE  RDS Dublin  25-27 May 18 SEE YOU AT MY STAND  B31  IF YOU WOULD LIKE FREE TICKETS E MAIL YOUR ADDRESS   14 May .   We would love to hear your opinion ,on this art or any art ,or any aspect of the art "business". In the…